Brett Weston at the Nelson

Today I got to go to one of my favorite galleries to see some wonderful photography: the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, MO. On display right now is a large exhibition of work by Brett Weston, son of the infamous Edward Weston, one of my favorite photographers. When I asked a friend of mine, who had seen the show a few days earlier, what he thought of it, he replied that he had always found Brett’s work to be “technically stunning and conceptually lacking.” Continue reading



One of my driving interests right now is Old English history. When you study a language, learning about the culture that speaks/spoke that language is extraordinarily helpful, if not necessary. Not a problem for me!  I began teaching myself Anglo-Saxon (Old English language) earlier this year in hopes of eventually being able to engage with the literature of that period more directly. I love the old history of England, especially since so much of it is yet unknown and left to speculation, or imagination, until more is revealed through research and archeology.

Much as J.R.R. Tolkien used his scholarship to influence and inspire his creativity, I too am seeking to let my studies galvanize what I hope to create. Continue reading

An Inaugural Quote

“As for romance, what does romance mean? I have heard people miscalled for being romantic, but what romance means is the capacity for a true conception of history, a power of making the past part of the present.”

~ William Morris

Taken from the introduction to one of the books I’m currently reading:
More to William Morris: Two Books that Inspired J.R.R. Tolkien


So it begins

In order to increase my web presence and keep people updated on current research/projects, I’ve settled on a WordPress blog page!

Here it is, thus far, in all its glory.