What’s the Story – II

Here it is again! Just like last time, you tell me the story:

There were some great responses to the last image! I’m really excited to see that people are responding so creatively. The instructions are the same: tell me the story (or poem, sentence, memory, etc.) that comes to mind when you see this photograph. These can be things you’ve read or, more interestingly, original creations inspired by the image. T0 this I’d like to add the prompt: what does this make you think about when you see it? This goes a little beyond having to come up with an original bit of fiction and includes experiences you may have had that this reminds you of. If you like, you can even embellish the experience for a better story (something that most of us have probably done before).

As always, get creative and have fun with this!

Here’s the photograph:

Share your ideas in the COMMENTS section below or for longer submissions (like short stories) send me an email (I may share it in a future post):


Can’t wait to see what you come up with again!

Thanks for participating,

P.S.  You can submit ideas for any of the photographs in this series at any time 🙂

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