Camera Position is Back!

This is really exciting for me because I have long enjoyed Jeff Curto’s work and podcasts! He is an incredible contributor to the world of photography and photographic education.

If you haven’t heard Camera Position, take a listen to his latest podcast HERE.  Be sure to check out the other Camera Position episodes, too. From this link you can also access his photography site as well as his other podcast on Photo History.

For ease, I will include links to both of those below:

Jeff Curto Photography –> HERE

History of Photography –> HERE

If you enjoy creative photography and are interested in hearing thoughts about it from a great photographer and teacher, then you will certainly enjoy Camera Position!

Welcome back, Jeff.


2 comments on “Camera Position is Back!

  1. Jeff Curto says:

    Hey, Thanks, BJ… hope to see you in SF for SPE!

  2. McAllen Homes for Sale says:

    Excellent post! Keep up the awesome work!

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