What’s the Story – III

So for this installment I decided to go in the opposite direction from the previous post with an image that I hope will really inspire your creativity (if not your curiosity). So here it is:

Once again, I’m looking for you to TELL ME THE STORY!

Let your curiosity, sensitivity, morbidity, or whatever, guide you in creating a story to go along with this image. As always, this can be a short story (fiction or non-fiction), a poem, a sentence, a song, etc…

Prompts: What happened to lead up to this? What happened after? What caused it? Whose is it? Where did this happen? When did this happen? Why? What do you think of when you see it? Who do you think of? ……….

Have fun and get creative!

Share your stories in the COMMENTS section below. Longer ones can be emailed to me and I may share them in a future post.

Can’t wait to see what you all can do!

P.S. I am taking submissions of other people’s images for future use in one of these posts. So if you have an image that you think will conjure up some interesting stories, send them to:


2 comments on “What’s the Story – III

  1. K Ellis says:

    Blood Sweat and Tears of a Wall and it’s demise with a human!
    Kinda geeky
    trials and tribulations pre Joselyn

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