Despair Not!

This is not really a post about photography as much as it is a post to let you know that I have not abandoned the writing process. If you remember my post from March 4, at the end I announced the birth of my first child, Jocelyn Lane. She is wonderful. But, I’ve also not had much time to sit down and write since then.

I’ve also begun teaching at MCC in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Which has added to my whirlwind schedule, but also, I hope, will give me new insights into photography and the experience of photo-education. I’m very excited about this and everything else going on. I do, however, miss sitting down with an exciting topic and writing about it in order to share with others.

Like I said, though, despair not! For I hope to soon be back at the computer, writing once again.



One comment on “Despair Not!

  1. robstroud says:

    Those precious little ones can certainly devour your writing time . . . but they’re definitely worth it!

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