What’s the Story – III

So for this installment I decided to go in the opposite direction from the previous post with an image that I hope will really inspire your creativity (if not your curiosity). So here it is:

Once again, I’m looking for you to TELL ME THE STORY!

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Camera Position is Back!

This is really exciting for me because I have long enjoyed Jeff Curto’s work and podcasts! He is an incredible contributor to the world of photography and photographic education.

If you haven’t heard Camera Position, take a listen to his latest podcast HERE.  Be sure to check out the other Camera Position episodes, too. From this link you can also access his photography site as well as his other podcast on Photo History.

For ease, I will include links to both of those below:

Jeff Curto Photography –> HERE

History of Photography –> HERE

If you enjoy creative photography and are interested in hearing thoughts about it from a great photographer and teacher, then you will certainly enjoy Camera Position!

Welcome back, Jeff.

The Photograph as Modern Mythology – Part I

The art and practice of story-telling has been one of mankind’s most prevailing practices. In an attempt to understand the world around us, to seek “an experience of being alive,” the human race has consistently invented stories. The many mythologies that have prevailed across time and geological boundaries are a testament to our need to tell stories in order to make sense of our world. But where we can look back at past cultures and find, essentially, the prevailing myths of specific peoples, in America, there does not seem to be a single, congruent story by which our society is unified. To quote Joseph Campbell, “life today is so complex, and it is changing so fast, that there is no time for anything to constellate itself before it’s thrown over again.” Continue reading

New book!

My most recent book published through Blurb.com has been delivered and looks great! It is a collection of photographs taken during my last year living in an apartment. We had the privilege of living on a third floor, West facing unit that afforded some incredible sunset views. This book presents some of the best.

For a full preview of the book you can click on the Blurb page at the top of my blog, or simply CLICK HERE.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

While there, be sure to check out my other book Blue Mule!